Logo of Smoxin dugout pipes

We all like to feel good during resting for example laying on the couch or smoking some herb with our friends. We like the taste of pure herb and we like practical gadgets too. We really like what we made and we suppose you will agree with us. We do believe this dugout system is awesome.

There are no products available on the market which are made for conscious customers. There are no branded dugout pipes which provide the same appearance, price and quality on the market. That's why we launched this brand called Smoxin.

Our pipes are made in the EU. All of them are high quality in every aspect.
We are manufacturing them in an eco-friendly way. For example all of the pipes were made from leftover brazilian nut wood which had been used for furniture purposes. In addition we prefer to use standard shipping which is slower than expedited shipping but more sustainable.

We believe deeply you will like these dugout pipes as we do or more! Have fun but please always take responsibility when you are using them.

Advantages of the dugout system

This little handmade wooden box easily fits in your palm. It consists of two compartments. The larger compartment is for the herbs like tobacco and the other one is for the hitter bat. The bat (or one-hitter as some call it) is a small aluminium pipe which looks like a cigarette. Due to the dugout pipe system it’s a discreet and handable way of inhaling herbs or simple tobacco.

All of the pipes are fitted with a small changeable steel gauze which holds the ash in the top of the hitter so you won’t breath it! In addition we built a spring into the wooden box for easy ejection purpose of the bat. You can open the casket carefully or you can use the loaded spring to launch the pipe into the air and then into your palm.

You can use it virtually everywhere because almost no fume is coming out of the device. It can be easily used in the middle of a concert or a crowded pub or just in the street. It's like something that always have in your pocket. In addition you can always share it with your friends.

It’s a small, compact and portable item. Forget taking care to have always rolling paper and extra amount of tobacco with you. You ain’t need them anymore. You’ve got everything in one little tricky gadget.

How to use a dugout pipe?

Illustrated manual guide

  • Open the little wooden box!
    Open the little wooden box!

    As you can see there is a metal cigatette in it and a compartment for the tobacco.

  • Remove the one-hitter!
    Remove the one-hitter!

    Some people call it bat. Smoxin pipe comes with three metal gauzes.

  • Push the bat to the herb.
    Push the bat to the herb.

    Stuff it well. :)

  • Make it burn.
    Make it burn.

    Get a lighter and make it burn. Works like an ordinary pipe.

Manual guide

1) Twist lid to open the casket. The built-in spring ejects the bat.

2) Remove the cigarette.

3) Push the cigarette into the herb compartment and give a twist.

4) Use the lighter to make the stuff burn.

5) After the hit you can clean it by giving small knuckles to the head of the bat.

6) If you finished put back it into the box.

Smoxin pipes in action