A few words about us

We are running a conscious business so we are  trying to reduce the environmental damage on the manufacurer and shipping side.

The pipes were made in the European Union. However there are many cheaper solutions and offers in the Far East but the brand called smoxin.com is determined to produce every pipe in the EU in the future. We consider this is the only way to provide the same quality of our products.

As for now the wood material came from Brazil but not on our request. Actually it's a leftover wood because it has been used for furniture purposes. We have a certain amount of this material and if it's gone we are going to buy another kind of wood which looks almost the same but grown locally. As a matter of fact it has already been chosen. You will be able to corroborate this in our future "Dugout Pipes" which will conserve the same appearance.

We encourage our customers to recycle the packing after receiving it.

Thank you very much.

  • Leftover material
    Leftover material

    We are using leftover wood that makes the whole production eco-friendly.

  • Eco-friendly shipping
    Eco-friendly shipping

    We belive standard shipping is not just a cheaper solution but it isn't affect the environment as much as the express one.

  • Made in the EU
    Made in the EU

    It's not a mass product from the far east. The whole manufacturing takes place in the EU.

  • Smoke responsibly!
    Smoke responsibly!

    We think smoking is a good thing but be careful never do it too many times. It is a "sticky freedom".