Customized dugout pipes

We sold a lot of dugout pipe under the brand name SMOXIN. During this time we were thinking how can we make these devices more personal, fashionable and unique.
You can find a few offers in the marketplace but usually they don't have a wide range of graphics. Most cases you can only choose from three or four illustrations.
Recently we figured out how to print any picture onto the wood. We have a wood laser cutter machine that means you can have an own graphics both sides of the pipes.

  • Engraved marijuana leaf
    Engraved marijuana leaf
  • Headphone pattern
    Headphone pattern

    The headphone printed on the dugout pipe and the used graphic design.

  • Engraved bike graphic
    Engraved bike graphic

    The original picture of the monochrome graphic and the final product.

  • Couple of examples
    Couple of examples

    Here are some graphical ideas to make pipes customized and uniqe.

  • Bike patterned pipe
    Bike patterned pipe

    The engraved graphic design and the original picture.

  • Complete photos on your pipe. Easy.
    Complete photos on your pipe. Easy.

    An Impala (from Olsen Banden) monochrome graphics and the original picture.

  • Take your own photo on a pipe!
    Take your own photo on a pipe!

    A picture of Larry Gopnik and his monochrome grapical design.

So if you would like to use your dugout pipe as an accessory or you just haven't found the pipe fits your style, you are at the right place. In addition it can be a good gift to somebody too.

A few words about the proper images

We prefer high resolution .png, .jpg, .psd or vector based files such as .ai, .cdr and .eps.
Please take into consideration the pictures should have only two colors because it's a monochrome print. Usually the white color is transparent that means the color of the wood.

However we can make two colored picture from your photos. For further information please check the pictures in the slideshow.

If you are not sure your picture is suitable you can ask us sending it our email address. In case if you wouldn't like to edit, resize it please send it us via email and we can make it for you. After we received your email containing the images we will check it and respond you soon. If it is good for printing we will say OK or we will make some modifications. In this case we will send it back to you for revision.

How to order a personalized pipe?

If you want a customized pipe you need to contact us first. We will make you an offer and if you find it reasonable we will create an auction for you on eBay for instance. After paying you will receive your personalized pipe(s).
We would like to draw your attention to putting the graphics onto the pipes usually take 1-3 days depending on the amount of the graphical work.